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Our main customers are in the following manufacturing sectors:

These dies are used to cut parts for vehicle interiors, eg foam parts that is part of a seat assembly, or non-woven cloth that is used in a door panel assembly, or felt which is used for insulation material as part of a carpet assembly. (There is obviously many other applications) Dies are normally cut using big vertical or roller press machines. Dies thus facilitate volume production of the same item, and can be made with multiple cavities on one die.

These dies are used to cut paper products of any shape and size. Any paper product that requires cutting, which involves a design with a shape must be die cut. These includes folders, envelopes, cards, flyers, invitations, advertising material, etc. These dies are normally cut on Plattern, or Hydelberg Cylinder presses which are purpose built machines for the printing industry. Dies can then often be made what we call a (1-up), the die cuts one part at a time, or e.g. (4-up) the die cuts 4 parts at a time.

These dies are used to cut paper products which is then folded into a box for packaging. They are similar to the printing dies, and are often also used by printing companies, where printed media is converted to packaging material. E.g. Think of a tooth paste box.

General Industry:
These dies are used to cut products which is difficult to cut by hand due to the raw material used, or the quantity to be produced. A good example is tap washers, and gaskets. These dies are normally cut on smaller vertical click presses, or automated beam presses.

Scrap Booking & Home Industry:
These dies are manufactured in the same method as printing, and packaging dies, but are used in the home or scrap booking industry. A good example of this is the wedding co-coordinating industry where cards and invitations are made which is normally a unique design and lower volumes. Most companies in this industry use home made manual presses, or Accucut machines. Last mentioned is a small roller press system imported from the USA for this purpose, you can visit for more information.

We manufacture the die which these industries then use to cut their product, this is sometimes referred to as converting.

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